Kendriya Vadhuvar Suchak Mandal ------ called as ‘Mandal’ here after.
Vadhuvar Suchak Kendra working separately at different locations but attached to the ‘ Mandal’ by accepting certain conditions. ------ called as ‘Center ‘ here after.
Applicant who is wishing to use Mandal’s trail free web service by filling the forms & submitting the profile on website. (Includes free & paid Applicant) ------------ called as ‘Applicant’ here after
Member Applicant/Candidate who uses center’s service & Mandal website/service & has paid fully service charges at Center / Mandal & got receipt for the same ------ called as ‘Member’ here after.
Website - & are two Matrimonial websites of the Mandal
--------called as ‘Website’
Mandal will not be liable in case of any wrong match due to any misrepresentation by proposal registered. It is everyone’s duty to cross-check, re-confirm all necessary & relevant facts submitted by applicant. Mandal will not stand guarantee or undertake responsibility or to be held liable for any information provided by the applicant.
It is everyone’s/ Applicant’s/Member’s duty to check his/her profile details as displayed properly & accurately on website and the form which is circulated as per procedure. If any error, typographical or otherwise, and/or incorrect information is displayed by Mandal in Applicant/Member’s profile, then Applicant/ Member should notify the same immediately in writing / e-mail to the Mandal within 15 days of displaying the profile. If no such notification is received within 15 days to the Mandal, Applicant/ Member will be responsible for respective matter.
Validity of an application shall be for one year and may be renewed only on a written request. Mandal reserves special right of extension of validity without any consent  from Applicant/ Member. If Member doesn’t want to extend such validity, then he/she should inform mandal in writing well in advance.
The applicant, his or her representative shall have the right to verify the certain documents for confirmation as proof from proposed party or registered proposal / member while match making.
Any information / details furnished by the applicant if found incorrect or comes to the notice of the Mandal, necessary action will be taken against the Applicant/ Member. e.g. Termination of Member / Applicant  Membership.
Your application is considered as registered application from the date of receiving complete service charges from you.
If Applicant/ Member fails to inform the Mandal about any change in the particulars furnished or change in the 'Present Status submitted, then the Applicant/ Member shall be suspended from being considered.  Alteration/ Modification of profile will be charged separately by the Mandal.
The Mandal reserves the right to alter, suspend, and terminate the application or any member/ membership, on ascertaining with facts that the said applicant is against interest of the Mandal/ Center or conflicting with interest of other applicants.
It is the duty of the concerned person to make sure that the eligible applicants have attained the age of majority at the time of their marriage.
The Mandal reserves the right to add / modify / delete / alter / suspend any or all the basic / ancillary / complimentary services at any time as it may deem fit.
The Mandal is under no obligation to furnish any definite numbers of proposals in cases where there is no match in bio-data / match desired criteria in the data base, towards any applicant.
In case the Applicant/ Member his or her representative comes to know about any incorrect information provided by other applicant, the same should be brought to the knowledge of the Mandal immediately, so as to provide proper services or undertake necessary steps.
Mandal trying to prevent people contacting directly to the Applicant/ Member, unless member’s expectations matches near about. Mandal reserve the right to alter the data (like Designation, Occupation etc) submitted by the Applicant/ Member.
Mandal & any Center reserve the rights to deny direct contact (number/address)  of any proposal registered with Mandal, unless properly matches with database/bio-data or corresponding proposal party does not wish to be contacted directly.
The Mandal reserves the right to consider or reject any application. Also Mandal reserves the right to publish or not, full or partially information / profile /form of the Applicant / Member. Mandal reserves rights of publishing, mode & frequency of Applicant/ Member’s information / profile / form with or without consent of member/applicant.
The processing Fee and registration / Membership Charges of Center & Mandal are non refundable under any circumstances.
Applicant / Member are solely responsible for any kind of his interaction with centers & with other applicant/ Member of the Mandal. Mandal reserve the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between Member to Member & Member to Center.
If any Member’s marriage arranged through any center connected with Mandal, respective  center expects certain wishful amount from Applicant/Member, as Royalty or Donation as per discretion of the member/applicant.
Mandal website is for the personal use of individual Applicant /Members only, and may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors.
Mandal or any center is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of Network, Server problems, Software problem, traffic congestion on the Internet.
The Mandal Website & Service of Center/ Mandal are provided “AS-IS” and Mandal expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness for particular purpose or non infringement. Mandal can not guarantee and does not promise any specific results from use of the website & services.
Any dispute arise will settled with Advisor of Mandal only. Mandal may allow cases with jurisdiction to Mumbai Courts only & such cases  will have the Jurisdiction in settle all disputes between Member & Centers/ Mandal.
Please note that this application as with most applications, is vulnerable to issue various issues and hence should be considered unsecured. By using Mandal’s Website and the internet in general, Applicant/ Member may be subject to various risks. (Like - Privacy Exposure, Damages due to viruses & many more).
If Applicant/Member does not wish to be subjected to these risks, He/she is advised not to use the Mandal’s web application services.
Applicant / Member submitting profile on Website is assumed to have gone through all the terms & conditions mention here & agree to be bounded by him/her. Applicant/ Member is agreed to abide by Terms & Conditions set forth by Mandal and understand that his/her membership stands cancelled if he/she is found to indulge in any act violating the terms and conditions.
Applicant / Member submitting profile on Website means, he/she has no objection to publish his personnel data & Photograph on Website, as well as willingly accepting to circulate copies of his application form to be circulated all over to centers connected to the Mandal. Applicant/Member is allowing here to see all his/her details to all visitors, knowing all type of advantages & disadvantages to him/her. Also he/she is solely responsible for the content that Mandal publish or display on the Website & all over centers Network or transmit to other Member.
Applicant/ Member submitting profile on Website online means, no need of any sign on any paper. He/She accepts & agrees to all ‘Terms & Conditions’ & ‘Service Agreement’
‘Terms & Conditions’ & ‘Service Agreement’ may be modified by Mandal from time to time & it will be applicable to all Applicant / Member.
  Please contact us with any questions regarding this agreement.